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Only uploading my faves here, do give me recs! I love well written shoujosei, bl & tragedy the most {currently ia} 
My all time favourite:- • Toki doki -
           1)Moon that rises in day♡


            2)Flower that was bloomed by a cloud ♡

            3)Funniest manhwa recs :-

Lethal romance
The fantastical after school writing club
Oh la la (aka awesome)
Play it off cool guys
You like me, don’t you!?
& Official webtoons - Love advice from grand duke of hell
Pure villain

            4)Plot lasagna :- Love song for illusion webtoon

5)Bl + shoujo :- That summer

6) Zetsubou ni Nake (Yaoi)

      7) Not so fairytale webtoon

Have a good read and good day<3

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