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BATO Notice:

- [KO] uploads on this site are permanently ceased.
- I removed them due to being misused & exploited.

[EN] & [ES] series that are covered by me on BATO will
always receive fast, consistent updates.

In regards to future & current uploads, I've created my own website here.

I have also modified my BIO due to unintentional harassment, that was directed
to a particular uploader on this site.

In essence, do not use my site or uploads to further yourself.

- I was actually appalled when I found out that my uploads,
in particular were used on Mangago by a specific user on BATO.
- I was equally nauseated when they used their own upload banner.

Everything I upload to the running of my own site, is personally financed.

I refuse to earn revenue from copyrighted work/s.

- This is the very reason I reject running advertisements.
- This is also why I reject donations.

When you blatantly manually steal uploads from me & shift them to Mangago.
you're violating my bottom line in regards to this.

- Use your own skill, financials & time, NOT mine.

I do not want to have to go over this again.[REV.16/09/23]

If you need to reach out, you may send a message in V3X or email me.

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