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☆ You can read my scanlated chapters only on Mangadex.org and Bato.to
I never ask for financial support, so if you see me doing that somewhere else, it's a scam!! Please, report it to me.
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Current Project(s) ( MangaDex and Bato.to ):
I Don't Feel Like Doing Anything ►Scanlating From Chapter 78
Completed Project(s) ( MangaDex and Bato.to ):
Things Have Fallen Off ►It was my first project.
Project(s) Uploaded (Bato.to) Only:
I Don't Feel Like Doing Anything ( Official ) From Chapter 1-77,
Rugal ( Official ),
Picture Perfect ( Official ),
Luminous ( Official ),
Salad Days (Seolnamu) [Official]
Where To Find :
My Scanlation Website,
My Profile Website,
My Bato.to Group:One-Person Scans
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