I Just Wanted to Find My Father / I Only Came to Find My Dad / Why Did You Come To My House? / 只想找爸爸 / 아빠만 찾으려고 했는데 / 우리 집에 왜 왔니 (블루밍부케)
Rank: 465th, it has 16.3K monthly / 26.5K total views.
Authors: Blooming bouquet
Artists: Ongnyo
Genres: Manhwa , Webtoon , Shoujo , Adaptation , Fantasy , Full Color , Historical , Romance , Time Travel
Original language: Korean
Translated language: English
Read direction: Top to Bottom
Release status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2021
The cruel chains of destiny threaten to condemn Louise to a life of slavery. Benjamin, an evil man obsessed with her mother even after her tragic death, takes Louise into his custody, intent on marrying her. Louise tries to escape this horrid fate and awakens eight years in the past. She’s set on making things right but is unable to stop tragedy once again. Determined to not give up, Louise embarks on a journey to find her father. What discoveries await her in this fight for freedom? Will her father be the key to her happiness... or her demise?
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Chapters (27)

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Chapter 26 : Farewell
parpatos 710 + 836 57 hours ago
Chapter 25 : Fealty
parpatos 787 + 1.1K 10 days ago
Chapter 21 : Promise
parpatos 1.1K + 1.7K 21 days ago
Chapter 17 : His Past
parpatos 1.2K + 2.1K 29 days ago
Chapter 10 : Far Away
parpatos 1.1K + 1.9K 38 days ago
Chapter 3 : My Father
parpatos 1.1K + 1.9K 48 days ago
meilin 1.1K + 2.2K 55 days ago



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