Contains Mature genres, is considered NSFW.
Mariage de Survie / Survival - Ehe / 生存婚姻 / 생존결혼 / 생존결혼 외전 / 생존결혼(외전)
Rank: 3599th, it has 1.4K monthly / 20.3K total views.
Authors: Wann
Artists: Wann
Genres: Manhwa , Webtoon , Josei(W) , Mature , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Isekai , Romance , Slice of Life
Original language: Korean
Translated language: English
Original work: Completed
Upload status: Completed
Next to impossible coincidences seem to be connected to a shared dream… Is this destiny? Chayee springs out of bed after one of the most realistic and steamy dreams she’s ever had. After bringing herself back to reality, she goes to work as a T.A. at her former university. But, while on an errand for her professor, she meets Dohun and gets the shock of her life. He… seriously resembles the man she spent a hot night with in the dream. She finds herself unable to face him since every glance brings back the very realistic feelings of the night before! “By any chance, have we… met before?” Dohun also has unexplainable feelings of discomfort towards Chayee and puts as much space between them as he can. But, no matter how hard they try, fate keeps dragging them back towards each other. What’s going on?! When dreams and reality intertwine, anything can happen!
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Side Story 16: Finale
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Side Story 15
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Side Story 14
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Side Story 13
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Side Story 12
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Side Story 11
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Side Story 10
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Side Story 9
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Side Story 8
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Side Story 7
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Side Story 6
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Side Story 5
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Side Story 4
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Side Story 3
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Side Story 2
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Side Story 1
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